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Immigration to re-visit south-west NSW

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Immigration outreach officers will visit Griffith in south-west NSW on June 5 to provide immigration information to people who have overstayed their visas.

The Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS) outreach programme enables people in regional communities, who do not have a valid Australian visa or are on a bridging visa, to talk with immigration officers about specific issues they might be facing.

A spokesman for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection said the department is committed to ensuring the integrity of Australia’s migration and visa programmes.

“People must have a valid visa to remain in Australia and this is an opportunity for people to get their visa status in order before they are detected in a compliance operation,” the spokesman said.

“Unlawful non-citizens can be detained pending their removal from Australia and then face a three-year exclusion period from visiting Australia again.”

In addition to providing information, DIBP staff will, where appropriate, be able to grant a short-term bridging visa to people while they work through their immigration matter.

Individual appointments with the CSRS will be available at the following time:

Migration fraud reportin

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The Secretary for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Martin Bowles, today responded to reports alleging widespread migration fraud. His comments are as follows:�

“Serious claims have been made against the Department of Immigration and Border Protection today, calling into question the integrity of Australia’s migration and visa programmes.

“These allegations, including that migration fraud is going undetected and is not being appropriately investigated, are of great concern to me.

“While the department does its utmost to combat fraud and is continually strengthening its integrity processes – including through close cooperation with other Australian Government and international agencies – I acknowledge this is a challenging space and, sadly, there will always be a minority of people who try to profit from vulnerable people or those who try to thwart the system and enter Australia on a fraudulent basis.

“Let me assure you the overwhelming majority of people who travel to, or migrate to, Australia do so lawfully. And when the department receives information suggesting otherwise, it acts on it. There is rigour in the department’s processes but there is also always room to improve.�


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May I work in Australia?

If you want to work in Australia, it is important that the visa you are issued allows you to do so. Certain types of visas do not permit you to work in Australia. Some visas restrict the number of hours you can work per week.

How long does the visa process take?

The duration for processing the visa may vary depending on the visa category under which you apply as well as on the location of the Australian to which you have submitted your application. For Skilled migration categories, it generally takes approximately 6-12 months.