What is the General Skilled Migration Visa for Australia?

The Australian General Skilled Migration Visa is for people who do not have a job and are looking to migrate permanently to Australia on their own or with family. This Australia Migration Visa is based on a points system which recognizes people with good qualifications and work experience in either a trade or a profession that is required in Australia.

What are applicants awarded points for?

You will be awarded for following points:
  • Age
  •  English language ability
  •  Partner skills
  • Qualifications
  • Australian Study
  • Overseas or/and Australian skilled employment
  • Study in regional Australia/low population growth metropolitan areas
  • State/territory sponsorship (for State Sponsored Skilled Migrant visa applicants)
  •  Fluency in one of Australia's Community language (other than English)

What documents do I need for my Australia Skilled Visa application?

You will need to provide:
  • The correctly completely filled Australia Visa application form
  • The visa processing fees
  • Full birth certificate or other evidence of age for all applicants included in the application
  • Originals or certified copies of qualification documents
  • Your address while the application is being processed
  • Work experience of the primary applicant
  • English language ability certificate
  • Police certificates of each applicant
  • A copy of your CV
  • Employment references

Do I need to have a medical examination?

The primary and all secondary applicants must have a health examination.
  • Applicants/dependants older than 11 years will need to have an x-ray
  •  Applicants/dependants older than 15 years have need to have a blood test
  If an applicant becomes pregnant during the application, we need to be advised. In these circumstances we recommend that all family members delay medicals until the child is born. All medicals should be sent together.

When should I have my medical examinations?

You should wait until Visa First contacts you to request them. Medicals have a short life span. The same applies for police checks.

I have heard that you will not be allowed to emigrate if you have a past history of a mental condition, not including depression. Is this true?

No this is not true. All medical conditions, including psychiatric, are judged on their individual merits.

Can I change occupations while in Australia?

Once granted a skilled migrant visa for Australia you will be expected to continue in the career path that you have chosen when you migrate to Australia.

Are there nationality restrictions?

No. Anyone can apply for skilled migration to Australia.

If I go to Australia on a tourist visa and am granted a Skilled Migrant Visa, do I have to leave the country to validate my new visa?

No, generally you can remain onshore to validate your visa.

How long does the visa process take?

The duration for processing the visa may vary depending on the visa category under which you apply as well as on the location of the Australian to which you have submitted your application. For Skilled migration categories, it generally takes approximately 6-12 months.

What about qualifications?

A formal tertiary qualification will definitely aid you if you are under 45.

A formal tertiary qualification will definitely aid you if you are under 45. What about my children?

If they are still under your roof and dependent on you, they will be included on your visa. Married / Independent children will not qualify under your visa.

May I work in Australia?

If you want to work in Australia, it is important that the visa you are issued allows you to do so. Certain types of visas do not permit you to work in Australia. Some visas restrict the number of hours you can work per week.

I am applying under the partner provisions do you need to interview me and my partner/sponsor?

In most cases the Australian Migration may need to interview you, but this will usually be over the telephone.

Does my sponsor (i.e. spouse or partner) have to remain in the country of residence during processing?


If I am approved, how long do I have before I must travel to Australia?

The initial entry date (stated on your visa) is the date by which you must travel to Australia on your visa. This date is calculated based on the validity of your health and character clearances. These clearances are usually only valid for 12 months.