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Immigration outreach officers will visit Griffith in south-west NSW on June 5 to provide immigration information to people who have overstayed their visas.

The Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS) outreach programme enables people in regional communities, who do not have a valid Australian visa or are on a bridging visa, to talk with immigration officers about specific issues they might be facing.

A spokesman for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection said the department is committed to ensuring the integrity of Australia’s migration and visa programmes.

“People must have a valid visa to remain in Australia and this is an opportunity for people to get their visa status in order before they are detected in a compliance operation,” the spokesman said.

“Unlawful non-citizens can be detained pending their removal from Australia and then face a three-year exclusion period from visiting Australia again.”

In addition to providing information, DIBP staff will, where appropriate, be able to grant a short-term bridging visa to people while they work through their immigration matter.

Individual appointments with the CSRS will be available at the following time: