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The Secretary for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Martin Bowles, today responded to reports alleging widespread migration fraud. His comments are as follows:�

“Serious claims have been made against the Department of Immigration and Border Protection today, calling into question the integrity of Australia’s migration and visa programmes.

“These allegations, including that migration fraud is going undetected and is not being appropriately investigated, are of great concern to me.

“While the department does its utmost to combat fraud and is continually strengthening its integrity processes – including through close cooperation with other Australian Government and international agencies – I acknowledge this is a challenging space and, sadly, there will always be a minority of people who try to profit from vulnerable people or those who try to thwart the system and enter Australia on a fraudulent basis.

“Let me assure you the overwhelming majority of people who travel to, or migrate to, Australia do so lawfully. And when the department receives information suggesting otherwise, it acts on it. There is rigour in the department’s processes but there is also always room to improve.�